Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Just picked up a box of Skinks a few weeks ago for my Lizardmen army. These guys are really cool because they are super fast and awesome at harassing the enemy. They either use blow darts or javelins, and I gotta go with the poison darts.

I picked up some Temple Guards and a few other guys, I'll have to do drawings for 'em too. Also, workin' on something big!

Oldies but Goodies

Not knocking today's Nintendo titles TOO much, but I think we can all agree that just about everything prior to the N64 was absolute gold. I love titles from every console they've put out, but it seems lately that Nintendo is either living in their own fantasy world or only hearing half of what their users are telling them. I'm not looking for a quick fix, but how long is this gonna take?

Ugh, ranting, gotta stop.

So I thought I'd put my own style on some classic characters. ENJOY!